Frequently Asked Questions

I can pay $10 at Planet Fitness. You're over $100. Why would i want to pay much more to workout? You're just like them right?

Here’s why we’re different…

Personalization – CrossFit gyms are much more personal than a traditional gym. At CrossFit Glory, the trainers know your name and will make you feel comfortable about working out. If you compare this to a large, traditional gym, you come in and do your thing without the staff knowing you or your name. 
Commitment – We want our members to be committed and come as often as they can. A lot of people have an inexpensive gym membership and never go. By paying more per month for a premium service, you will prioritize that service higher. If you’re paying $10 a month for a gym membership, it’s very easy to tell yourself “It’s only $10. I’ll just go next week, it’s not a big deal.” If you’re paying the higher price at CrossFit Glory, you’re going to come to the gym to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, or you’re going to cancel your membership.

Motivation & Coaching – Once you arrive at CrossFit Glory, you are provided with motivation from the trainer and group. All you need to do is get yourself there and we’ll handle the motivational part. Instead of showing up at the gym and wondering, “what should I do today?”, you’ll be provided with an hours worth of full body training.

Access vs. Trainer Led – At a conventional gym, you’re paying for the ability to use the facilities and equipment – that’s it. At CrossFit Glory, you’re paying for a trainer to tell you how to workout, correcting your form, holding you accountable, and the positive influence of a group to train with.

How does the group/class structure work?

Everything is done together as a single group – no one is ever left behind. A trainer/coach explains, demonstrates, and takes the group through everything. You don’t need to worry about remembering certain exercises and how to do them – we’ve got you covered.

Most classes follow this format (45 minute total class time):

  • 5-8 minute group warm up
  • 20 minute cardio based workout
  • 10 minute strength routine or “finisher”

What if I'm last in a workout?

We structure our workouts so that everyone finishes around the same time. We either do workouts where you see how many rounds you can do in a given amount of time, so everyone finishes at the same time. Or, we do workouts with a set amount of rounds and place a time cap on the workout so no one finishes too far behind. Even the fittest people finish last in some workouts because we make it harder for them.

I've never lifted weight before. How will i know that I'm doing the exercises correctly?

A trainer is leading the class and will demonstrate, teach, and monitor everyone. Their job is to move around the gym and make sure everyone is exercising safely and not going too heavy. If they see you doing something incorrectly, they will work with you to correct it. Our #1 goal is to keep our members safe.

I hear It's Dangerous.

Just like every fitness program and sport, it can be if done under the wrong supervision. Our goal is to never put you in a situation where you are uncomfortable or don’t think you can do a certain exercise. The final decisions about exercises, weight, and reps are always up to you. We simply provide our suggestion to you about what would give you the best workout. Our trainers always scale down the weight and exercise for you until you can make informed decisions about the workouts for yourself.

How hard is it?

It’s hard, but programs that produce the great results usually are. If you want to go a little bit slower and not use as much weight, you can do that. Everyone does the same workout, it just depends how much weight and reps someone wants to do in their workout.

What is the trainers/coaches responsibility during a class?

To make sure everyone is safe and doing the proper exercises. Think of it as a classroom where the teacher gives you an assignment and then you do it right there in class. The teacher walks around correcting mistakes and making sure you’re moving at the proper pace.

Do you explain how to do the workouts at each class?

Yes. We explain every part of the class multiple times. Each step of the way we explain what we’re doing, how many reps, and for how long.

Am i expected to remember every exercise name?

No, that’s the trainer’s job. Some exercises we don’t do very often, others we do very often. It might take you 6 months to learn all of the names.

Do i have to be in good shape/healthy before I start?

No, most new members are out of shape when they first join. It’s extremely rare that someone walks in our doors and is already in great shape. If we were only for people in shape already, we’d be out of business!

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